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Summer Pack List

Everything Sam Packs

Split into functional parts

  • Tent Inner + Outer: Mont Moondance 2 (3 season, 2p, freestanding, 1.450g)
  • Sleeping Bag: Mont Zero Ultralight (12-6 degrees, 1000 fill, 300g)
  • Bag Liner: Mont Silk Liner (100% Silk, 125g) 
  • Sleeping Mat: Exped Ultra 3R (2.9 R-Value, 365g)
  • Pillow: Sea2Summit Aeros premium (75g)
  • Long Johns: IceBreaker Merino – (265g)

Total Weight: 2.6kg

  • Down Jacket: Mont Neon Down Jacket (415g)
  • Waterproof Shell: Mont Supersonic (485g)
  • Long Sleeve Shirt: Mont Lifestyle Vented (220g)
  • Long Sleeve Shirt: Patagonia Sol Patrol (200g)
  • T-shirt(s): IceBreaker Merino x2 (125g each)
  • Shorts: Mont Adventure Light Shorts (220g)
  • Shorts: K-tom random shorts I got in Vietnam (225g)
  • Underwear: Icebreaker Merino x2 (70g each)
  • Socks: Specialized Merino x2 (80g)

Total Weight Clothing: 2.2kg 


  • Stove: Trangia Alcohol Stove (110g)
  • Trangia Fuel Bottle – (163g)
  • MSR Quick Skillet Frypan (165g)
  • Trangia Hard Anodised 1.75ml pot (120g)
  • SnowPeak Ti Trekking Plate (63g)
  • Vargo Hexagon Stove Ti + case (142g)
  • Stove Windshield (60g)
  • Civvivi Elementium knife D2 steel (80g)
  • Cigarette lighter x2 (25g)
  • Titanium spork x2 (32g)
  • SnowPeak Ti Chopsticks (43g)
  • Mini grater (26g)
  • Mini spatula (13g)
  • Trangia pot holder (48g)
  • Various spices (100g)

Total Weight: 1.190kg (including spices)


  • x1 4 oz bottle of Orange Seal tyre sealant (135g)
  • Dynaplug – (25g)
  • Spare Dynaplug Darts (10g)
  • x2 Tubeless Valves (10g)
  • Chain Wax – (43g)
  • Multi-tool – old faithful BBB cheapo (153g)
  • Schwalbe Spare Tube – (205g)
  • Spare Spokes (46g)
  • Spare M4 Bolts (25g)
  • Park Tool Tire Boot (3g)
  • Lezyne Patches (7g)
  • Lezyne Micro Floor Drive High Volume Pump (220g)
  • Gear Aid Clothing Patches – (10g)
  • Sea-2-summit patches – (7g)
  • Abus Bardo Lock (470g)
  • Spare hangers (Aluminium) (48g)

Total weight: 1.4kg


  • 2x Nalgene Wide Mouth (1.5L)
  • 1x GSI Microlite Flask (1L)
  • Tailfin Carbon Aeropack (rRack + 20L trunk bag, 900g)
  • Tailfin Mini Panniers 2x (10L, 800g) 
  • Ortlieb Front Roll (15L, 420g)
  • Porcelain Rocket 52hz Frame Bag (Unknown, but guess at 20L) (415g)
  • Threadworks Feedbag x1 – (100g)
  • Wizard Works x Pannier Feedbag x1 – (80g)
  • Hip Pack: Framework Designs HSP – (400g)
  • Tailfin Cargo Cages – 2x small (114g) + 1x Large (79g)

Total Weight: 3.1kg with panniers // 2.3kg without panniers 

  • Sony A7Vi Camera body (720g inc battery & strap)
  • Tamron 28-200mm Lens (575g)
  • 1 spare Sony battery (85g)
  • 128 GB SanDisk SD card (x2) (10g)

Camera Gear Weight: 1.4kg

*Camera worn + stored in a Framework Designs Middle Management Hip pack (which is awesome)

  • Laptop: MacBook Pro + Case (1.6kg)
  • MacBook Charger (290g)
  • Hard Drive: SanDisk SSD 1TB (waterproof) (85g)
  • Power bank: HETP 26,800 mAh (350g)
  • Earphones: AirPod Pro (50g)
  • Phone: iPhone 13 Pro + Quadlock case (250g)
  • Single USB wall plug (45g)
  • Spare cable(s) for charging all things (50g)

Total Weight Tech: 2.7kg

What goes where?

Sam’s packing system

Ortlieb Seat Pack (16.5L)

Sleep System:- Tent, Sleeping Bag, Liner, Mat, Pillow, Down Jacket, Base Layers

Ortlieb Frame Pack (adapted to micro panniers)

Kitchen:- Alcohol Stove, Frypan, Large Pot, Vargo Hexagon Stove, Sporks, Knife, Mini grater, Mini spatula & Various spices.

Porcelain Rocket 52hz Frame Bag

Tools & Food:- Orange Seal, Chain Wax, Spare Tube, Park Tool Tyre Boots, Gear Aid Patches, x2 Tubeless Valves + Heaps space for food

Road Runner Jumbo Jammer

Laptop & Clothes:- MacBook, Patagonia Rain Shell, Mont UL Down Jacket, Tees, Shirt, Shorts & Micro Towel + Overflow for food

Tailfin Cargo Cages

Water: 2x Nalgene 1.5L Wide Mouth Bottles

Everything Bec Packs

Split into functional parts

  • Sleeping Bag: Sea-to-Summit Flame Fm (-4, 850 fill, 650g)
  • Bag Liner: Sea-to-Summit Reactor Compact (+5-10 degrees, 110g)
  • Sleeping Mat: Sea-to-Summit Ether Lite XT (Super comfy, 530g)
  • Pillow: Sea to Summit Premium flat (195g)
  • Down Jacket: Simond Alpinism (348g)
  • Base Layer Top: Icebreaker Merino long-sleeve
  • Long Johns: **IceBreaker Merino – (265g)
  • Sleep Socks: Specialized Merino

Outside the bag:

  • Tent Footprint, Pegs, Poles: Mont Moondance 2 – (730g)


  • Trail Jacket: Specialized Alpha Polartec (320g)
  • Lightweight Down Jacket: Mont Zero UL (214g)
  • Long Sleeve Shirt: Patagonia Sol Patrol UV protection (190g)
  • Cotton basic vest x2
  • Sports Bras: x3 (Nike)
  • Icebreaker Merino Tee (125g )
  • Nike Singlets x2
  • Nike active stretch track pants
  • Casa Verde Skort
  • Pearl Izumi Bib Shorts
  • Rapha (non-chammy) cycling shorts
  • Lulu Lemon shorts
  • Basic cotton shorts
  • Intimissimi seamless underwear x3
  • Nike socks x4
  • Specialized Merino socks x1
  • Red Bikini


  • Computer: Microsoft Go & Charger
  • Kindle + charging lead
  • Fujifilm X100F fixed 35mm
  • Camera battery charger
  • Wahoo + charging lead
  • Anker 20,000mah battery pack
  • Sunglasses
  • Waterproof Pants: Tribord Adventure


  • Sunblock factor 50
  • Moisturiser
  • Cleanser
  • Mooncup
  • Asthma Inhalers
  • Dr. Bronners Soap
  • Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Floss
  • Supplements – Zinc, B3, Magnesium


  • x1 4 oz bottle of Orange Seal tyre sealant
  • x1 inner tube
  • Multi-tool – Crank Bros
  • Spare M4 Bolts
  • Petzl Tikkina Headtorch 
  • Abus Bardo Mini Lock

Water Filteration:

  • Katadyn BeFree 3L Bladder & Filter
  • Sawyer Mini (Backup)
  • 1x Nalgene Narrow Mouth (1L)
  • 1x SIS Bottle (1L)
  • 1x GSI Microlite Flask (1L)


  • Porlex Mini Hand Grinder
  • Soto Helix – Pop-up V60
  • A Single Origin Coffee

What goes where?

Bec’s packing system

What Happened? Custom Panniers LH

Clothes:- Patagonia Rain Shell, Mont UL Down Jacket, Pearl Izumi & Rapha shorts, Various Tops, Towel & Underwear.

What Happened? Custom Panniers RH

Tech & Toiletries:- Laptop, Various Chargers, Kindle, 20,000mah Battery, Sunglasses, Toiletries & Supplements

Ortlieb RC Frame Bag

Tools & Filtering:- Orange Seal, Spare Tube, Bike Lock, Mosquito Spray, Katadyn Water Filter, Riding Gloves.

Revelate Designs Gas Tank

Snacks:- Whatever I can get my naughty little hands on!

Spoked Stem Bags

Water:- GSI Microlite 1L Bottle + Nalgene 1L Narrow MouthFilter, Riding Gloves.

Ortlieb Front Roll (15L)

Sleep System: Tent Poles, Sleeping Bag, Liner, Mat, Pillow, Down Jacket, Base Layers

Ortlieb Fork Pack

Food & Coffee: Soto Helix V60, Porlex Mini, Coffee + Space for Food

Got Gear Questions?

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